Serving District 25 and the people of North Carolina in the state Senate has been an honor and a privilege.  I learned my values from living and working in this district—faith, hard work, personal responsibility, service to others, and a belief that we must give our children and grandchildren a shot at a future more prosperous than our own.  In my first term, I have worked to find common sense solutions for the people of our great state.

I am more convinced than ever what our district and our state needs is a senator committed to finding common-sense solutions.  Not only have I gone to Raleigh to represent your interests, but I have traveled throughout the district meeting with the people I serve.  I have heard your hopes, dreams, ideas, and concerns about the future.  I want to return to office so I can keep fighting for better communities and a better state.  However, I can only continue toserve District 25 and North Carolina with your help.

This November I will seek a second term as your state senator.  I will need your help to continue working on behalf of the people of District 25 and our state.  Please consider volunteering or donating to my campaign, and remember to vote on November 4th.

Thank you,

Senator Gene McLaurin


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