My belief in rebuilding our economy is built on the premise that our education and business systems are intimately tied together. Our public and private sectors can and will work together if we create the right environment for partnership and cooperation.  To have economic growth, we must invest in our public schools, community colleges, and university system in order to create a more robust stream of talent to fuel 21st century jobs.

In order to create jobs in North Carolina and move our economy into the 21st century, we need to be deliberate about the choices we make regarding our economy. In order to attract and retain jobs right here in North Carolina, we need to be investing in the educational programs that provide the necessary skills for the changing demands of our workforce. This needs to be combined with a fresh approach to economic development.

As your state senator, I will work to support policies and a strategy that spurs economic growth by targeting and attracting companies in growth industries. By using this approach, we can be open to new and emerging sectors in our economy. We also must target companies that supply products to companies who are already here. By marketing our district’s strengths such as available land, water, workforce training and community colleges we can attract companies to our communities. We also need to expand and improve regional partnerships among our cities and counties to help foster economic development. In doing so, we need to create the right incentive structure that will not only attract new businesses, but sustain our economy in a healthy and productive manner by helping existing businesses expand and create jobs. By bringing together leaders in business, industry, education, and government we can find the types of industries that will thrive in our state and in turn sustain our economy for years to come.